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Black Bone Soul Note

Aboriginal Affairs India

Tributes OTC

Shelter Winter & Winter

Blackout in the Square Root of Soul Winter & Winter

Cold Sweat Plays J.B. JMT

4-Play JMT
1993 F Stops Soul Note

Muhal Richard Abrams Blues Forever (1981) Trombone
Muhal Richard Abrams Rejoicing with the Light (1983) Trombone
Muhal Richard Abrams Song for All (1995) Trombone

Ayibobo Freestyle (1994)

Lester Bowie Works (1980) Trombone
Lester Bowie's Brass Fantasy I Only Have Eyes for You (1985) Trombone

Don Byron Bug Music (1996) Trombone

Cold Sweat Cold Sweat Plays J.B. (1989) Trombone, Vocals, Musical Direction
Cold Sweat 4-Play (1991) Synthesizer, Trombone, Arranger, Programming, Associate Producer

Carla Cook Dem Bones (2001) Trombone

Lena Horne Lena Horne: The Lady and Her Music (1981) Trombone

Dollar Brand African Marketplace (1979) Trombone
Dollar Brand Live at Montreux (1980) Trombone

Joseph Jarman Earth Passage/Density (1981) Flute, Percussion, Trombone, Vocals, Voices, Didjeridu, Cowbell, Bamboo Flute

David Murray Murray's Steps (1982) Trombone
David Murray Big Band Live at Sweet Basil, Vol. 1 (1984) Trombone
David Murray Live at Sweet Basil, Vol. 2 (1984) Trombone
David Murray Octet Hope Scope (1987) Trombone
David Murray Octet New Life (1988) Trombone
David Murray David Murray Big Band (1991) Trombone
David Murray South of the Border (1995) Trombone, Arranger, Soloist
David Murray Dark Star: The Music of the Grateful Dead (1996) Trombone
David Murray Fo Deux Revue (1996) Trombone
David Murray Octet Plays Trane (2000) Trombone
David Murray & the Gwo-Ka Masters Yonn-Dé (2002) Trombone
David Murray Latin Big Band Now Is Another Time (2003) Trombone

Sun Ra and His Arkestra Live at Montreux (1976) Trombone
Sun Ra Unity (1977) Trombone
Sun Ra Strange Celestial Road (1980) Trombone

The Roots Roots Come Alive (1999) Trombone
The Roots Roots Come Alive [Limited Edition] (1999) Trombone

Sekou Sundiata Blue Oneness of Dreams (1997) Didjeridu
Sekou Sundiata Long Story Short (2000) Didjeridu

Henry Threadgill Sextet When Was That? (1982) Trombone
Henry Threadgill Sextet Just the Facts and Pass the Bucket (1983) Trombone

The Young Lions Young Lions (1982) Trombone

Various Artists For Real Moments: Songs and Dances (1990) Trombone
Various Artists Ethnic 2000, Vol. 2 (2000) Trombone
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